Announcement of "Environmental Protection Acceptance of Copper-based Alloy and Superalloy Material Construction Project Completion"

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 According to the "Regulations on the Management of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects" (Order no. 682 of The State Council) and "Interim Measures for the Acceptance of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects" (National Environmental Planning eia [2017] No. 4) and other relevant documents, The environmental protection acceptance report (including acceptance monitoring report, other explanatory matters and acceptance opinions) of the copper base alloy and superalloy material construction project of Shaanxi Siriui New Material Co., Ltd. is now published. You can provide your valuable opinions and suggestions by E-mail, telephone and letter.

     Project name: Copper base alloy and superalloy material construction project

     Construction nature: technical reformConstruction scale: modified electric vacuum copper-chromium alloy contact materials (copper-chromium, copper-tungsten alloy) : 6.8 million pairs /a; Bulb core components, turbine disc series, pure copper products and other copper alloy products: 515,300 pieces /a; Chrome-zirconium-copper alloy for high voltage transmission, high speed train motors and welding electrodes 3 million pieces /a.

     Project location: In the existing factory complex, No. 12, Zhang Ba Qi Road, High-tech Zone, Xi 'an city

     Construction unit: Shaanxi Sirui New Material Co., LTD.

     Construction content: In order to improve product quality, expand production capacity and expand product field, this project uses the existing production plant for renovation. The project added 136 sets of equipment (4 arc consumable furnaces are added, and the others are mainly CNC machining, cleaning, testing and other equipment), and eliminated 14 sets of vacuum induction furnaces. The auxiliary works of the project office, hot and cold water treatment room, power distribution room, air conditioning and refrigeration unit, and the public works facilities such as water supply and drainage, power supply, heating and refrigeration all rely on the existing facilities of the plant. Environmental protection engineering furnace waste gas treatment relying on the original spray tower, only the fan air volume increase, grinding dust environmental protection facilities for this new; New equipment foundation shock absorption by workshop sound insulation; Waste water treatment and solid waste temporary storage facilities are based on the original existing projects.

     Environmental protection facilities: Environmental protection facilities: (1) waste gas: after treatment by the spray tower, the melting waste gas of the melting and casting workshop is discharged through the 15m high exhaust cylinder (DA001); After being treated by the bag dust collector, the grinding dust is discharged through the 15m high exhaust cylinder (DA002~DA004); The lampblack exhaust gas of the canteen is treated by the original lampblack cleaner. (2) Waste water: oil trap tank, septic tank and sewage treatment station of the factory rely on the original sewage treatment station. (3) Noise: Set the vibration absorption base, reasonable layout, soft connection between the fan and environmental protection facilities. (4) Solid waste: The collection points for household garbage classification, temporary storage rooms for general solid waste and temporary storage rooms for hazardous waste are set up, all of which meet the requirements. The waste oil and dangerous waste from the canteen are transported and disposed by qualified units.

     The project has fulfilled the examination and approval procedures of environmental impact assessment and obtained the pollutant discharge permit. The environmental pollution prevention and control measures proposed in the project environmental impact report and the approval opinions have been basically implemented during the construction. Waste gas, waste water and noise pollutants have been discharged according to the standards, and solid waste has been rationally treated or comprehensively utilized. The acceptance team agrees that the pollution prevention and control facilities of the supporting construction of the project have passed the completion environmental protection and acceptance inspection.

     Publicity time: June 16, 2021 to July 13, 2021 (20 working days)

     Contact person: Li Qiang

     Contact number: 18629199169