Li Mingyuan, Mayor of Xi'an, visited the company

发布时间:2021-02-18   阅读次数:994


On the morning of February 17, Li Mingyuan, the mayor of Xi'an, and his entourage visited the company. Chairman Wang Wenbin received and accompanied them to visit the production field.

     Mayor Li inquired in detail about the company’s core technology, innovation patents, research and development results and product application areas, industry-university-research cooperation, and research and development team composition, and encouraged Sirui to insist on innovation-driven development, develop more new alloy materials and serve the city's economic and social development.      

      Municipal leaders Ma Xianping and Chen Changchun, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Li Chuguan, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Li Zhijun, and director of the High-tech Management Committee Qi Haibing accompanied the investigation.