Three coordinate inspector

Location:Xi'an Work Experience:1-3 years Education: Junior college degree and above Number of applicants:1人 Release date:2021-07-21

Job description

Job description:

1) Compile a three-coordinate measurement program.

2) Fill in daily 6S+ equipment maintenance, maintenance and related records.

3) Product quality control and technical research and development work.


1) Be able to read technical drawings and be familiar with basic mechanical knowledge. More than 2 years of work is preferred.

2) Complete relevant measurement work in time as required by the plan.

3) Participate in the measurement plan of the new product and organize the implementation.

4) Shift shift is acceptable.  

Working hours: 8 hours and 26 days, the first shift 8:00am-5:00pm, the second shift 4:00pm-12:00am

Working place:
No.12 Zhang Ba Qi Road, High-tech Zone, Xi 'an city, Shaanxi Province
Delivery method:

Contact: 029-84688260

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