Demand position

  • Public recruitment

    Target group: All talented people

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  • Campus Recruitment

    For the crowd: For fresh graduates

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Guarantee support

  • Social security

    Five insurances and one fund  

    Commercial insurance (accident insurance)  Physical examination

  • Transportation welfare

    Staff dormitory  

    Shuttle bus  Free parking

  • Work environment

    Staff restaurant  

    Staff home  Book corridor

  • Charge learning

    Induction training  Study tour

    Business training  Exhibition Exchange

  • Employee welfare

    Food allowance  Rental subsidy

    Assistance Fund  Holiday benefits

  • team building

    Party and League building  

    Cultural and recreational activities  Outward bound training

Recruitment process

  • Resume delivery

  • Resume screening

  • Interview

  • Issuing offer

  • physical examination

  • Entry

Talent development plan

  • Technology channel

    Assistant Engineer


    Deputy senior engineer

    Senior Engineer

  • Management channel




    Deputy Minister


    Vice General Manager

    General manager

  • Project Channel

    Project R & D

    Project investment, establishment of business unit or company

  • Market channel

    Industry adjustment

    market development

    Project investment, establishment of business unit or company

Development philosophy

Develop together with the first class clients;

SIRUI is a platform for your career development and entrepreneurship;

The enterprise and employee are empowering each other;

Care for Strivers;

The employee and enterprise form an alliance, fighting accomplish the future.