• Vacuum medium and low pressure contacts

    Vacuum medium and low pressure contacts

    This contact material has the characteristics of low closure value, high resistance to arc ablation and excellent breaking performance, etc., which is widely used in the field of medium and low pressure vacuum contactor and vacuum load switch. The company has the production line of the series of products by vacuum melting and infiltration, and has the production capacity of one million pieces of various contact materials per year.

  • Dynamic and static arc contacts

    Dynamic and static arc contacts

    CuW alloy materials have high voltage resistance and arc ablation resistance. It is widely used in all kinds of switch arc contacts. It is currently the most widely used contact material in all kinds of switches. It is mainly used in switches with voltage levels of 40.5kV-1100kV. The company has established vacuum infiltration, atmosphere protection infiltration, friction welding, electron beam welding and other methods to produce copper and tungsten contact material production lines, and has the ability to provide 200,000 pieces of various copper and tungsten products to the market every year

  • CuW conducting rod

    CuW conducting rod

    One of the key parts of high voltage switch, mainly used in 40.5KV-1100kV voltage level switch. Considering the resistance to arc ablation and high electrical conductivity, the company uses vacuum penetration/atmosphere penetration + friction welding/electron beam welding/brazing process.

  • Contact finger contact

    Contact finger contact

    A type of copper-tungsten high-voltage contact, there are wedge-shaped (contact finger) contacts and plug-in (contact piece) contacts. The company adopts the overall sintering process of vacuum infiltration/atmosphere infiltration, which can make full use of voltage resistance and arc ablation resistance of copper-tungsten alloy.

  • Backboard for sputtering targets

    Backboard for sputtering targets

    It is used for high-end sputtering target support brackets, it has strict requirements on the thermal conductivity and strength of materials, materials for high purity oxygen free copper, C18000, C18150, etc.There are many types of products and different sizes. In addition to requiring no defects inside and outside the material, there are strict requirements on the internal grain structure of the material, and the products are sold at home and abroad.