Memorabilia of China's Copper Processing Industry in 2020

Release date:2021-02-04   Reading times:1780

2020 is an extraordinary year in the history of New China. In the face of the severe and complex international situation and the severe impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core maintained strategic determination, meticulously planned and acted decisively, united and led the people of the country through hard work, and handed in an answer sheet that was satisfied with the people and attracted worldwide attention and can be recorded in the annals of history. The copper processing industry is also steadily steadily, with a steady increase in copper output and further improvement in development quality. China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Processing Association") has sorted out the major events of China's copper processing industry in 2020 for readers.

     1. The output of copper materials achieved positive growth throughout the year, and foreign trade maintained net exports

     Copper processing industry in February and March because of the outbreak, but with China's rapid economic recovery, copper processing enterprises overcome difficulties, actively organize to return to work and production, the downstream demand from April began to remain strong, copper processing material production are compared to the same throughout the year, according to the breaking of China nonferrous metals industry association statistics, the total output of copper processing material increased 2.72%(Note: The Association for Accurate Data Processing will be published soon).

     In 2020, China imported 525,000 tons of copper materials (excluding copper powder, due to abnormal import data of copper powder), an increase of 8.3% year on year, and exported 538,000 tons, an increase of 3.3% year on year, with a net export of 13,000 tons, continuing to maintain net export. From the import varieties, which urgently need to improve the quality of the varieties are copper strip, copper foil, copper wire (wire), copper strip imports 115,000 tons, up 0.3% year on year, copper foil (excluding copper clad plate) imports 135,000 tons, up 11.8% year on year, copper wire (wire) imports 108,000 tons, up 9.9% year on year. Export highlights are: copper bar profiles export 67,000 tons, up 20.1% year on year, copper strip export 48,900 tons, up 22.3% year on year, copper foil (excluding copper-clad) export 41,700 tons, up 31.0% year on year. The export of copper strip and copper foil, which are two weak products in China, has increased, indicating to some extent that the innovation ability of copper processing materials in China is gradually improving.

     2. Copper-iron alloys were born, becoming one of the key promotion products for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to expand the consumption of copper-based high-end materials in 2020

     Copper-iron alloy (with iron content of 5-50%) is a copper alloy that leads the world in research and development and manufacturing in the field of copper-based materials in my country. It is expected to be widely used in various industries in countries such as defense and military, aerospace, electronic communications, smart cities, and electricity application. At present, this product has been tested in Japan and South Korea, but my country has not been applied because of insufficient attention in the downstream electronic information field. In order to promote this high-performance alloy, the first "Copper-Fe Alloy Processing and Forming Technology and Innovative Application Seminar" sponsored by the Machining Association and co-organized by Shaanxi Sirui and Central South University, the second "Copper-Fe-Alloy New Material Promotion and Application Seminar" jointly hosted by Jintian Copper, Central South University and Shaanxi Sirui was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi on April 25 and Ningbo, Zhejiang on December 26, respectively. The promotion of copper-iron alloys has created a new model of industry-university-research-government cooperation. Enterprises and universities such as CNMC Obote, China Copper Huazhong Copper, Dalian Polytechnic, Jinxi Chunlei, Hengtong Optoelectronics, etc. are also actively participating. The application of copper-iron alloys in the country is expected to start as soon as possible.

     On April 24, 2020, the Raw material Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) launched the project of "Strategy Research on Expanding the Consumption of high-end non-ferrous Metal Materials", and the Processing Association was specifically responsible for the project of "Strategy research on expanding the consumption of high-end copper materials", writing the report, industry research, product promotion and other work. The project includes the promotion and application of new copper materials for construction, such as copper and iron alloy new materials, copper pipe for construction, copper alloy with low precipitation of heavy metal, charging pile foundation station and so on.

     3. Copper strip and copper rod enterprises continue to expand, and industry competition intensifies

     2020 copper belt industry production projects are: zhejiang but fine new material production of high precision copper with annual capacity of 60000 tons, jinchuan NieDou industrial production capacity of 20000 tons of high precision copper alloy belt project Jiang Xike Meg annual output of 60000 tons of copper belt project (tin phosphor bronze, microalloyed high precision copper belt) have been put into operation in fused cast parts, machining parts and put into production in 2021.

     The companies under construction of the copper strip project in 2020 are: Powerway Alloy (50,000 tons), Jintian Copper (40,000 tons), Wuxing Copper (50,000 tons), Zijin Copper (technical transformation and expansion of 10,000 tons) , Shanxibei Copper New Materials (20,000 tons), Guangxi Xinke (30,000 tons), Jiangxi Copper Copper Strip (technical renovation and expansion of 10,000 tons), Guangzhou Copper Material Factory (technical renovation and expansion of 5,000 tons), etc.

     The main new copper rod projects are as follows: The first phase of The 150,000-ton/year copper rod project of Zhuji Nonferrous Metal Intelligent Garden of Hailiang Stock will reach production in 2020; The 50,000-ton high strength and high conductivity copper alloy bar wire project of Jintian Copper Headquarters is under construction. On May 18th, the foundation was laid for the first phase of Libo Non-ferrous Zhizao Industrial Park in Guixi, Jiangxi. In August, ningbo Changzhen Copper Co., LTD., with an annual output of 200,000 tons of renewable and environment-friendly high-precision copper production line, completed the environmental impact assessment and energy saving review of the technical transformation project, and is under construction.

     4. The processing fees for copper pipes and copper rods continue to decline, overcapacity is worthy of vigilance, and industry self-discipline needs to be strengthened urgently

     Affected by the overcapacity of the copper pipe industry, the reduction of air-conditioning output, and the oligopoly of downstream air-conditioning companies, the national copper pipe output will decline in 2020, and the processing fee will also be reduced to about the cost line. In terms of new copper pipe projects, except for a new copper pipe production line from Runlai Technology, no other new continuous casting and rolling copper pipe projects will be put into operation in 2020, and the industry's construction enthusiasm has dropped sharply.

     The annual production capacity of Jiangxi Copper Group's copper rods exceeded 2 million tons. In September, Jiangxi Copper North China's copper rod production line with an annual production capacity of 220,000 tons was put into operation; in December, Jiangxi Copper North China and Tianjin University Seamless signed a mixed reform project agreement, becoming the controlling shareholder of DCDC. Jiangxi Copper has a total annual production capacity of 2.01 million tons of copper rods, as follows: Jiangxi Copper has an annual production capacity of 440,000 tons of copper rods in North China, 300,000 tons of seamless copper rods in Tianjin, and 370,000 tons of copper rods in Jiangxi Copper. , Jiangxi Copper has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of copper rods in East China, and Guangzhou Jiangxi Copper has an annual production capacity of 750,000 tons of copper rods.

     Other major copper rod projects to be put into operation in 2020 include: In April, henan Xinchang Copper Production line with annual output of 220,000 tons was put into operation; In May, the 180,000-ton production line of Jiangxi Gold Copper And the 220,000 ton production line of Jinyeda Copper were put into operation. In July, the annual output of 350,000 tons of high conductivity and high toughness copper rod line project of Jintian Copper industry was put into operation.

     In 2020, the major copper rod projects under construction include: Anhui Tianda Copper production line of 250,000 tons, Huzhou Jiuli Electric production line of 180,000 tons of electromagnetic wire copper rod and 10,000 tons of special copper rod production line, Baosheng Precision Conductor production line of 220,000 tons of copper rod production line, and two 350,000 tons of copper rod production line of Jintian Copper Industry.

     China's copper rod, copper pipe capacity has been seriously excess, processing fees have hit a new record low, has fallen below the average cost line of the industry, some enterprises are in trouble, industry self-discipline needs to be strengthened, Only the output value and GDP theory need to be corrected urgently.

     5.Copper foil is still a hot investment in copper processing

     Copper foil capacity continues to expand as the new energy vehicle and PCB markets continue to expand. In 2020, the enterprises that will put into production of lithium copper foil production line include: Chaohua Technology, Hunan Longzhi, Tongling Huachuang, Shandong Hexheng, Jiangxi Xinborui, etc., with a total new capacity of 17,000 tons/year; In 2020, the enterprises that will put into production of electronic circuit copper foil production line include chaohua Technology And Hunan Longzhi, with a total new capacity of 13,000 tons/year. In 2020, the production capacity of electronic circuit copper foil is 348,000 tons, the production capacity of lithium copper foil is 215,600 tons, a total of 563,600 tons, with an annual growth rate of 5.6%, which is the lowest in the past five years.

     In 2020, the project will be approved and announced to build new electronic copper foil production line enterprises in China: Chaohua Technology, Jiayuan Technology, Shengda Electric, Qinghai Norde (phase II), Huizhou United Copper foil, Huayu Holdings, Guangdong Weihua, Longdian Huaxin, Nanya Electronics, Ganzhou Yihao and so on.

     Companies that are expected to have a new electrolytic copper foil production line project in 2021 are: Jiangxi Ruicai, Mingfeng Electronics, Shengda Electric, Jiujiang Defu, Qinghai Nord, Huizhou United Copper Foil, Chaohua Technology, Lingbaoxin,Jiangxi Copper Yez, Shandong Hesheng, Hubei Zhongyi, etc., added 105,000 tons of lithium battery copper foil production capacity per year, and 7,000 tons of electronic circuit copper foil production capacity per year.

     6. The scale, level and influence of China Copper Processing Industry Annual Conference in 2020 will reach a new record, and it will stride forward to be an international first-class brand conference platform

     On September 3,by processing association, Tongling city, Anhui province people's government and tongling nonferrous metals group holdings co., LTD., jointly hosted, Tongling city economic and information bureau, Tongling city, tongling copper association of special electromagnetic wire co., LTD., to undertake in 2020 China's copper processing industry's annual congress and the Chinese high quality (Tongling) copper industry conference opens in tongling city, Anhui province, There are more than 500 copper processing related enterprises, more than 1100 people attended the event, including more than 450 deputy general manager level personnel. Copper processing market and capital, copper strip foil, copper pipe rod wire and special processing and other professional sub-forum participation is increasing. After years of cultivation, China Copper Processing Industry Annual Conference has become the most authoritative, largest, highest level, most distinctive conference features, and the most influential communication platform in the copper processing industry, and has won the participation of the vast majority of enterprises in the whole industry and wide praise.

     7. The 2020 (4th) China Copper Strip Industry Leaders Summit of Twenty Enterprises was successfully held

     On December 18-19, the "2020 (4th) China Copper Strip Industry 20 Enterprise Leaders Summit" was held in Luoyang, Henan province, hosted by Processing Association and organized by China Color Technology Co., LTD and Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing Co., LTD. Chairman and general manager of 20 key domestic copper strip production enterprises attended the summit. The theme of the summit was "Change, Opportunity, Joint Efforts and Win-win". The participating entrepreneurs discussed production and operation, transformation and upgrading, import substitution, new product development, copper price fluctuation, risk prevention and control, and future planning, and reached five consensus. At present, copper belt, oxygen free copper belt, tin phosphorus bronze belt import replacement is fast, white copper plate belt, high copper alloy plate belt, half etched lead frame strip and other fields still have a large gap with foreign products.

     8. The export of copper pipe and copper strip is subject to anti-dumping investigation

     On 20 April 2020, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India initiated an anti-dumping investigation against imports of copper and copper alloy sheet coil products originating or imported from China, The Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand at the request of Agrawa Metal Products Of India. On July 13, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission initiated an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation into imports of copper pipes from China, and an anti-dumping investigation into imports of copper pipes from South Korea. The Ministry of Commerce organized enterprises to respond to the lawsuit, and China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Association and Processing Association provided relevant assistance. The investigation is not only for the production of copper products in China, but also for the production of copper pipe products set up in China's overseas factories.

     With the continuous enhancement of the international competitiveness of copper industry in China, it is inevitable that product exports will encounter trade protection. It is urgent to build a domestic large-scale cycle as the main body and an international and domestic dual-cycle development pattern.

     9. The copper processing industry has achieved huge achievements in scientific and technological innovation, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing

     In December, Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. high-performance copper alloy bars were selected as the fifth batch of individual champion products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

     Seven copper processing industry projects won the 2020 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award. Five of the first prizes:"Preparation and Industrialization of Special Copper Alloy Components for High-speed Rail Transit Motor Rotors" (Shaanxi Sirui, Central South University, Xi'an University of Technology),"Key Technologies and Applications of Short Process Processing of High-Performance Copper Alloy Strips" (University of Science and Technology Beijing, CNFC (Ningxia) Dongfang), "Key Technologies and Applications of Electrolytic Copper Foil Production Automation" (Anhui Tongguan Copper Foil, Central South University, Hunan University of Science and Technology), "R&D and industrialization of key technologies for high-quality electrolytic copper foil for lithium-ion batteries" (Lingbao Huaxin, Zhejiang University of Technology, Kunming Precious Metal Research Institute, Ruipu Energy), "High-frequency copper clad laminates for 5G communication base stations And high-speed multi-layer circuit board precision manufacturing technology and application" (Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing Founder Gaomi, Chongqing Dekai Industry); 2 second prizes: "Development of copper and copper alloy pipes for PD ring-shaped conduction bands" (in Chinese) Aluminum Luoyang Copper Processing), "Nanophase Reinforced Copper-based Alloy Powder Key Preparation Technology and Application" (Guangdong Academy of Sciences Institute of Materials and Processing, Research Institute of Powder New Materials, etc. )

     Ten copper processing enterprises won the title of the fifth batch of green manufacturing green factories in 2020 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd., Shanghai Longyang Precision Composite Copper Tube Co., Ltd., Chongqing Pinghu Jinlong Precision Copper Tube Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Sirui New Materials Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jingdaria Special Enameled Wire Co., Ltd., Fujian Zijin Copper Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jiangtong Longchang Precision Copper Tube Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Copper Group Copper Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd., Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.

     The intelligent manufacturing demonstration production lines of Hailiang, Jintian Copper, Powerway Alloy and other enterprises have begun to take shape, and the production efficiency has been further improved. The intelligent manufacturing mode of the copper processing industry is taking shape, injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of the industry.

     10. The largest comprehensive copper processing enterprise in China-Jintian Copper successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

     On April 22, Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 601609, referred to as "Jintian Copper") successfully registered on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, issued 240 million shares at an issue price of RMB 6.55, and raised funds of RMB 1.585 billion. It is used for the construction of projects with an annual output of 40,000 tons of high-precision copper alloy strips, an annual output of 30,000 tons of high-purity low-oxygen copper strands for special cables, and an annual output of 350,000 tons of high-conductivity, high-toughness copper wires and repayment of bank loans. This is the third time that Jintian Copper has submitted an IPO application. Prior to this, Jintian Copper has suspended the listing process due to the 2008 financial crisis and the 2011 IPO suspension period. Jintian Copper is currently the company with the largest number of categories and the largest output of comprehensive copper processing materials in the field of copper processing in my country. The success of the main board listing has also boosted confidence in the development of the entire industry.

     11. The price of copper fluctuates sharply in 2020, which causes problems for some copper processing enterprises

     At the beginning of 2020, with the spread of COVID-19 globally, the US stock market suffered four circuit breakers, and the copper price suffered a direct cliff drop. On March 23, Shanghai copper futures hit a low of 35,350 yuan/ton. As global central banks started a new round of monetary easing policy, downstream demand showed significant improvement and concentrated release, copper prices finally out of the trough and all the way up, Shanghai copper futures touched 59620 yuan/ton at the end of 2020. The whole year Shanghai copper futures index running range of 35350-59620 yuan/ton, the fluctuation of 24270 yuan. For copper processing enterprises with processing fees as the main source of profit, the sharp fall in copper prices at the beginning of the year has caused large impairment of enterprise inventory, and the sharp rise in copper prices has led to the increase of enterprise capital occupation, and the rise in the price of terminal products, which has brought great trouble to enterprise production and operation. Copper processing enterprises should do a good job of hedging, to avoid the risk of fluctuations of copper price,and achieve stability and long-term development.

     12. The Processing Association announced for the first time the output of subdivided varieties of copper pipes and copper strips

     Since 2017, The Association has published the production statistics of China's copper processing materials according to the classification of copper plate row, copper strip, copper pipe, copper bar, copper foil, copper wire and other categories. On April 13, 2020, it is the first time to release the more detailed production of copper materials by type in the industry, including the production of copper strip by type, copper pipe and other data. It provides a more accurate reference for the government to formulate industrial policies and enterprises to make decisions on production and operation, which has been highly concerned and widely adopted by the industry.