Recommendations of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Fifth Batch of Green Manufacturing List

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    All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities under separate state planning, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, relevant industry associations, relevant companies:

     In order to implement the strategy of making China a strong manufacturing country, further build an advanced model of green manufacturing, accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system, and lead the green development of industry, in accordance with the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Construction of a Green Manufacturing System" (Department of Industry and Information Technology Section Letter [2016] No. 586, hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), we are now organizing the recommendation of the fifth batch of green manufacturing list and the review of the published list. Relevant notices are as follows:

     1. Job Content

     (1)Recommend the fifth batch of green manufacturing list

     Please organize enterprises (including central enterprises, the same below) and parks to declare according to the implementation plan of local green manufacturing system construction, fully integrate the integration of green manufacturing system and other related work, according to the recommendation procedures specified in the Notice and the recommendation requirements of the first four batches of green manufacturing list, determine the recommendation list of the fifth batch of green factories, green design products, green parks and green supply chain management enterprises in the region. Please submit the application materials (project summary form, individual application materials, etc., see attachment 1-5) to the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization before June 1, 2020. The paper materials are in triplicate and the electronic materials are attached.

     All regions must strictly control the quality of recommendations, and must not recommend major production safety and quality accidents of major or higher magnitude in the past three years, and sudden environmental pollution incidents of level III (larger) or higher, in the relevant supervision work of the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions. Enterprises that are found to have serious problems, are included in the industrial energy conservation supervision and rectification list, have not completed the rectification, and are listed as untrustworthy enforcers.

     (2) Review the published list of green manufacturing

     According to the principle of "every three years the review", please regional organization in 2017, our ministry released a list of the first and the second batch of green manufacturing in green development status quo of the relevant units to carry out the on-site check, check the highlighted in nearly three years of construction and production process, compliance with relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards, whether there is any cancellation, suspension, and so on and so forth, whether large or above production safety and quality accidents, ⅲ (large) or above sudden environmental pollution incidents, in The State Council and relevant ministries and commissions in the relevant supervision work found serious problems, is included in the list of industrial energy conservation supervision and rectification and not complete the rectification, belongs to the person subject to enforcement for trustbreaking, etc. Please submit the review situation, especially the list and reasons of no longer meeting the green manufacturing evaluation requirements, along with the fifth batch of green manufacturing recommendation list to our Department (Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department).

     2. Job Requirements

     (1) Green factory

     Encourage a group of well-based and representative enterprises in the industries that need to further strengthen the green development level to establish green factories according to the characteristics of regional industrial structure (refer to the General Rules for Green Factory Evaluation (GB/T36132-2018) and the relevant requirements for green factory evaluation in the Notice). All regions are requested to promote the creation of green factories in accordance with the goals and plans of the green manufacturing system construction implementation plan. No more than 30 green factories are recommended for each region.

     Encourage industries such as household appliances, textiles, medicine, food, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, new energy equipment manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of resources, and remanufacturing to accelerate the creation of green factories.In principle, the recommended energy consumption level of enterprises in high energy consuming industries such as steel, cement, plate glass, electrolytic aluminum, copper smelting, ethylene, crude oil processing, synthetic ammonia, methanol, calcium carbide, caustic soda, coking and ferroalloy should reach or exceed the advanced value of the corresponding national energy consumption quota standard.

     (2) Green design products

     Please log on to the website of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and check the application scope and relevant standards of this batch of green design products in the "List of Green design Products standards". The application products are limited to the products with the standards specified in the list. Prepare self-evaluation report of green design products according to the specific requirements of standards.

     (3) Green industrial parks

     The construction of green parks focuses on industrial parks above the provincial level with product manufacturing and energy supply as the main functions, industrial added value accounting for more than 50%, legal boundaries and scope, and unified management institutions. Please select a batch of parks with good industrial foundation, perfect infrastructure and high green level to apply (refer to the relevant requirements of green park evaluation in the Notice), and encourage the pilot units of national low-carbon industrial park to carry out the construction of green park. No more than three green zones are recommended for each region.

     (4) Green supply chain

     Green supply chain management enterprise demonstration application scope covers Core enterprises with strong representativeness, great influence, strong operational strength and good foundation of green supply chain management in automotive, aerospace, shipping, electronic appliances, communications, large complete equipment machinery, light industry, textile, food, medicine, building materials, e-commerce, express packaging and other industries (refer to relevant requirements of green supply chain evaluation in the Notice).

     (5) Business consultation telephone

     Green factory: 010-68205369

     Green design products: 010-68205359

     Green Industrial Park: 010-68205354

     Green supply chain: 010-68205360

     3. Relevant requirements of third-party evaluation agencies

     The third-party organization that carries out the evaluation of the green manufacturing system should meet the following basic conditions:

     (1) Enterprises, institutions, industry associations that are registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China and have independent legal personality, should have the experience and ability to carry out relevant evaluations.

     (2) It shall have fixed office space and working conditions for carrying out evaluation work, and a sound financial management system.

     (3) No less than ten full-time personnel with intermediate professional title or above engaged in green evaluation, and no less than 50% senior professional title personnel in energy, environment, ecology, system evaluation and other related majors; The personnel of the evaluation agency shall abide by national laws and regulations and evaluation procedures, and be familiar with relevant policies and standards of green manufacturing.

     (4) The ability to carry out green factory, green park, green supply chain and other areas of evaluation, have led or participated in the evaluation in recent five years , demonstration and evaluation of green manufacturing, or provincial-level or above scientific research projects, or the formulation of national and industrial standards, and the formulation of green manufacturing related policies.

     The evaluation of green manufacturing system shall be carried out by the applicant enterprises or third-party organizations independently entrusted by the park. Third party organizations can refer to "Green Manufacturing System Evaluation Reference Procedures" (Department of Industry and Information Technology Section Letter [2017] No. 564) to carry out the evaluation work. The third party shall be responsible for the authenticity of the evaluation results, explain item by item according to the above-mentioned basic conditions of the evaluation agency in the evaluation report and provide relevant certification materials, and maintain independence from the self-evaluation activities of the applicant, and shall not participate in the preparation of the self-evaluation report. The relevant provincial industry and information authorities are requested to verify and strengthen supervision.

     In order to improve the quality of evaluation, the total of this batch of green manufacturing system evaluation projects (including green factories, green parks, and green supply chains) carried out by third-party institutions of the same legal person (including related enterprises and institutions) shall not exceed 15 items.At the same time, in order to promote the self-discipline of third parties, to the vast number of enterprises and it preferred choice, encourages third-party institutions through public channels of ego statement and show relevant evidentiary materials, encourage the development of our publishing industry energy saving and green evaluation center, undertake the task of state key diagnostic services energy-saving diagnosis mechanism involved in the evaluation work.

     4.Management of the announced list

     (1) Strengthen the supervision of the announced green manufacturing list. All regions should continue to review green products, green factories, green parks and green supply chains. According to the situation, the Ministry will organize a third party to conduct spot inspection, dynamically adjust the green manufacturing list according to the actual situation, and timely eliminate the products, enterprises and parks that no longer meet the requirements of green manufacturing evaluation.

     (2)Strengthen supervision over third-party evaluation institutions. On the basis of regional supervision, the Ministry will organize spot checks on third-party organizations that carry out green manufacturing system related evaluation work, and the evaluation report issued by the organization with serious bad behavior will not be accepted in the following three years.

     (3) Strengthen the publicity and promotion of typical experience. Each region should do a good job in summarizing and recommending typical experience. The Ministry will organize publicity activities for the advanced experience and typical practices of units with obvious green characteristics and outstanding results, and give full play to the demonstration and driving effect. Encourage units on the green manufacturing list to regularly release green and low-carbon development reports to the whole society, share green ideas, work and achievements, fulfill social responsibilities and accept public supervision.

     Contact person and phone number:

     Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

     Li Huan 010-68205355/5337 (fax)

     Yangziwei 010-68205354

     Attachment: 1. Summary table of recommendations from provincial-level industry and informatization authorities               

                         2. Green factory self-evaluation report and third-party evaluation report               

                         3. Self-evaluation report of green design products                

                         4. Green park self-evaluation report and third-party evaluation report              

                         5. Green supply chain management enterprise self-evaluation report and third-party evaluation report