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8/22/2010 3:41 PM
" what a great time at the Pow Wow this weekend "

2/23/2009 1:15 PM
" "Yesterdays Promises"  
Faded sun sets, darkness approaches, unforgiving memories lost hopeless dreams, the unforgiving rides on the hope of yesterdays promises.

Your path is on its course, the door is in ones arms reach.

The room is set, the eagle flies. Stories told, the dawn of tomorrow promised till no end.

The rocks speak in faded shadows, the trees grow, the bear hibernates for warmth of the summers mist.

The song bird sings, squirrels gather ,fish  feed, winter s shelter is given, footsteps follow,

The fight from within diminishing past what's of spoken words.

Today’s literature helps our tribe.

Written by; “Autumn"


2/16/2009 1:09 PM
The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, (SIT) elected leaders have committed significant resources to the task of creating facilities in a central location on their Reservation in Kent Connecticut where the Tribes cultural resources converge in a positive, peaceful and constructive manner.

We have quite an extensive list of Schaghticoke Indian Tribe people who are aging and would love to return to the grounds/Reservation of their ancestors and live out their lives as well as have their children and grandchildren return with them. In this way we would regain the complete family structures to the highest degree and have them all live on the Reservation, The Schaghticoke family structure should include the Children, Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents, most of which has disappeared from the reservation few years ago.

By utilizing the Reservation land to its best potential, building standard, elderly and handicapped housing plus a multi purpose cultural center we will able to bring back the Schaghticoke people that should be here and want to be here on the Reservation.
The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe Community envisions a balancing of the forces of economic development with the foundations of long-established Community values.
More than any single idea permeating the plan is this one: that a sense of Tribe plus community pride, vision, and control of destiny is essential to their outcome. "