To our guests and visitors, WELCOME to the Official Schaghticoke Indian Tribe Web Site and to the Schaghticoke Indian Reservation.

To our people welcome home.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be telling you about the exciting future which lies ahead for our true Schaghticoke people. The time has come to determine our own destiny, and the destiny of our children.

No one has more power than we do right now for self-determination, and the ability to secure the future for you and our brothers and sisters of this once and still great people. Our time has come to deal with those who stand in the way of the truth and the justice that is due the Schaghticoke Indian Tribes people.

For our visitors and guests, you will learn about the plight of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe people. We will not hide our story behind agendas, but simply let the story unfold as it reveals itself in the halls of justice, the popular press, and in the court of public opinion.